The BIA exists to serve the needs of the whole community. We operate with transparency and make decisions that align with our values and mission as an organization. You play an important role in that process. Please review our FAQ and contact us directly with your specific questions or concerns. In Broadmoor, every voice matters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Parcel Fee?

The City of New Orleans collects an annual parcel fee from all property owners in Broadmoor through property tax collection and, after taking out a one-percent collection fee, turns the money over to the Broadmoor Improvement Association's Board of Commissioners. Through public meetings, resident suggestions, and other proposals, the board decides how the money will be spent. As Louisiana’s first Neighborhood Improvement District, combined with the annual $100 parcel fee, Broadmoor can continue to make strides where other neighborhoods have faltered—reducing blight, improving education programs, providing for accessible health and wellness, creating a safe environment for our children, feeding those in need, and spurring new business in the neighborhood.

Where Does My Parcel Fee Go?

Broadmoor has always been a neighborhood that takes care of its own. Your parcel fee goes directly to supporting our mission to improve the health and wellbeing of diverse Broadmoor residents. A portion of this parcel fee income helps offset the general operating costs of the BIA, which includes a staff of two full-time employees and various part-time roles. Here are some of the things we are able to achieve through the income generated from your parcel fee: - We operate the Arts & Wellness Center and Community Center within the Rosa F. Keller Library, which offer more than 25 free or low-cost classes and meetings each week to the public. - We host bi-monthly town hall style neighborhood meetings where residents can present feedback and learn about community updates. - Our wellness team offers more than 1,500 hours of sliding-scale counseling annually to nearly 1,000 client contacts. - Our social work interns provide more than 250 hours of case management and SNAP assistance. - Since 2016, the BIA has tracked and advocated for residents on over 100 quality of life concerns. - The Broadmoor Food Pantry distributes an average of 2 tons of food per month, helping to increase fresh food availability in the neighborhood by 87% since 2016. - BIA volunteers distribute approximately 7,200 dog waste bags annually for dog owners to use along the Broadmoor Fine Arts & Wellness Trail on Napoleon Avenue. Keep in mind, other New Orleans neighborhoods have voted to make their neighborhoods into security districts, which cost anywhere from $300 to 600 (and upwards) per year per parcel. Broadmoor’s is a different approach, and a better one in our opinion, that beautifies and improves Broadmoor, keeps our kids off the streets, raises property values, and creates a safer environment instead of a haven for criminal activity.

What Is a Neighborhood Improvement District?

Broadmoor was officially designated a “neighborhood improvement district” in June 2010. Legislation formally established Broadmoor’s boundaries, created an elected governing board, and allowed for the parcel-fee vote. Since then, Broadmoor voters have shown consistent support for the parcel fee and improvement district, which exists to promote quality of life initiatives and the ongoing maintenance of the neighborhood.

How Do I Get Involved in Broadmoor?

The BIA offers many ways to get involved with your community. Here are just a few: - Attend a Broadmoor neighborhood meeting, held every other month on the third Monday of the week. Check our News for previous meeting minutes. - Sign up to volunteer at the Broadmoor Food Pantry, helping in our community garden, or participate during our many annual events held throughout the year. Complete our volunteer form to get started. - Become a Broadmoor Block Captain to advocate for your neighbors and support green infrastructure development in the neighborhood. Email us to learn more. - Join our membership program to offer a class, service, or workshop at the Arts & Wellness Center. - Follow the BIA on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook or sign up for the Broadmoor Beat email newsletter to stay in the know about neighborhood updates and get the word out to your neighbors. - Join the Broadmoor Board of Commissioners to advocate for the needs of your subgroup and become a leader in your community.

How Do I Report a Community Concern?

Fill out our quality of life form to report your problem to our staff. To report blighted property to the City of New Orleans, call 311. For additional inquiries, call our office at 504-249-5130.