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Broadmoor Trash Tuesdays Fall Meeting Spots

Weekly neighborhood trash pick-ups in our three subgroups. Join your fellow Broadmoor residents in cleaning the Broadmoor community every Tuesday from 5:00-7:00 pm.

Listed below are the select meeting spots for volunteers to participate in Trash Tuesdays. We will have gloves and trash bags available by request for volunteers at the Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Center Front Desk. Volunteers are asked to bring their face masks. COVID19 safety Precautions will be followed every Trash Tuesday.

October & November Meeting Spots

Tues, October 20th

Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Center Walk

Dorgenois and General Taylor (meeting spot, cleaning up Dorgenois and General Taylor)

Tues, October 27th

Tonti and Napolean (meeting spot, cleaning up Tonti and Miro)

Tues, November 3rd

General Pershing and Dorgenois (meeting spot,  cleaning General Pershing and Dorgenios)

Tues, November 10th

Napolean and S. Johnson (meeting spot, cleaning S. Johnson and Prieur)

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