The Parcel Fee supports the operations of the BIA. The Parcel Fee is $100 annually received  from all property owners in Broadmoor through property tax collection. The Parcel Fee is used to sustain quality-of-life initiatives and to encourage the beautification and overall benefit of the area bounded by South Claiborne Avenue, Nashville Avenue,

 Fontainebleau Drive, Octavia Street, South Jeff Davis Parkway, Washington Avenue and Toldeano Street. 

Impact of Parcel Fee

The Parcel Fee has made a positive impact on our neighborhood. With the help of parcel Fee, the BIA provides strong, consistent, and responsive programming across the community.

How the Parcel Fee works for Broadmoor Residents

 Broadmoor Food Pantry 

 From 2016 - 2018, the Broadmoor Food Pantry has served:

  • 1,318 households

  • 3,199 individuals

  • 52% live in the 70125 zip code

  • 35% children, 50% adults, 15% seniors provided food


Social Work 

Every year, BIA interns provide 

  • 250 hours of case management 

  • 300 client contacts for SNAP sign-up assistance


Counseling Services  

From 2016 - 2018, BIA offers affordable counseling services

  • Increase from 850 to 1,500 hours 

  • Increase from 400 to 992 client contacts

  • 13% of counseling services serve youth

  • 30+ master’s level social workers trained

  • 100+ mental health professionals offered professional development


Neighborhood Development

  • 30+ properties redeveloped before 2016

  • 7 properties to be restored and sold by end of 2020


Quality of Life

  • 100 quality of life concerns tracked and advocated since 2016

  • 7,200 dog waste bags distributed on the Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Trail 

  • 30 people average attendance of BIA bi-monthly neighborhood meetings


Community Centers

  • 25+  free/low cost classes, workshops, and meetings at Rosa Keller Library Community Center and Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Center

  • 5 local non-profits offered affordable long-term office rental space for programming at  Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Center


In 2019, the Broadmoor Improvement Association developed and delivered a comprehensive community needs assessment by surveying 100 diverse neighborhood residents. the survey captured data on neighborhood perceptions, priorities, and unmet needs. In 2020, the BIA has incorporated this feedback to restructure neighborhood meetings to enhance and foster an increased sense of neighborhood cohesion. By embracing its role as a convener for community advocacy, the BIA is committed to amplifying neighborhood priorities- such as blight and infrastructure, affordable housing, business and workforce development , environmental sustainability, food insecurity, and programming for youth and elders- on a local and city level.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Parcel Fee

What Is the Parcel Fee?

The City of New Orleans collects an annual parcel fee from all property owners in Broadmoor through property tax collection and, after taking out a one-percent collection fee, turns the money over to the Broadmoor Improvement Association's Board of Commissioners. Through public meetings, resident suggestions, and other proposals, the board decides how the money will be spent. With the support of the annual $100 parcel fee, Broadmoor can continue to make strides where other neighborhoods have faltered—reducing blight, improving education programs, providing for accessible health and wellness, creating a safe environment for our children, feeding those in need, and spurring new business in the neighborhood.

Where Does My Parcel Fee Go?

Broadmoor has always been a neighborhood that takes care of its own. Your parcel fee goes directly to supporting our mission to improve the health and wellbeing of diverse Broadmoor residents. A portion of this parcel fee income helps offset the general operating costs of the BIA, which includes a staff of two full-time employees and various part-time roles. Here are some of the things we are able to achieve through the income generated from your parcel fee: - We operate the Arts & Wellness Center and Community Center within the Rosa F. Keller Library, which offer more than 25 free or low-cost classes and meetings each week to the public. - We host bi-monthly town hall style neighborhood meetings where residents come together to share concerns and brainstorm solutions. - Our wellness team offers more than 1,500 hours of sliding-scale counseling annually to nearly 1,000 client contacts. - Our social work interns provide more than 250 hours of case management and SNAP assistance to Broadmoor residents who need support connecting to social services. - Since 2016, the BIA has tracked and advocated for residents on over 100 quality of life concerns with the City of New Orleans. - The Broadmoor Food Pantry distributes an average of 2 tons of food per month to over 500 families, 52% of whom are Broadmoor residents. - BIA volunteers distribute approximately 7,200 dog waste bags annually for dog owners to use along the Broadmoor Fine Arts & Wellness Trail on Napoleon Avenue. Keep in mind, other New Orleans neighborhoods have voted to make their neighborhoods into security districts, which cost anywhere from $300 to 600 (and upwards) per year per parcel. Broadmoor’s is a different approach, and a better one in our opinion, that beautifies and improves Broadmoor, and helps to foster a safer neighborhood by ensuring that the basic needs of our neighbors are met. We believe (and research has shown) that holistic approaches to public safety, including public health interventions and access to mental healthcare and social services, provide better alternatives to policing that keep people safe and make Broadmoor a healthier and more vital neighborhood overall.

When was the first Parcel Fee Instated ?

Since 2010, Broadmoor voters have shown consistent support for the parcel fee and improvement district, which exists to promote health and wellness and quality of life initiatives for all Broadmoor residents. The parcel fee was first approved in 2010 and renewed again in 2015. Every five years, Broadmoor residents have a chance to vote on whether to renew the parcel fee — 2020 is an election year for the BIA!

How much is the parcel fee per household and how does that money get spent?

The parcel fee is $100 dollars annually. The City of New Orleans collects this annual parcel fee from all property owners in Broadmoor through property tax collection and, after taking out a 1% collection fee, turns the money over to the Broadmoor Improvement Association's Board of Commissioners for their oversight and management of the funds dedicated to the promotion of quality of life initiatives in Broadmoor.

How does the parcel fee impact Broadmoor residents?

The parcel fee helps to reduce blight through the BIA’s efforts to redevelop blighted properties in the neighborhood; provides affordable and accessible mental healthcare to all Broadmoor residents; creates a safe environment for our children through community programs and events at the Arts & Wellness Center; decreases food insecurity in our neighborhood through the Broadmoor Food Pantry; and spurs and supports new businesses in the neighborhood through the BIA’s facilitation of the South Broad Business Corridor.

How does the BIA partner with local organizations to more effectively support the neighborhood?

The BIA partners with local businesses, other non-profits and faith communities in Broadmoor in order to serve the community more effectively and efficiently. For example, our partnership with the Broadmoor Community Church allows the BIA to provide over 500 families with emergency food assistance at the Broadmoor Food Pantry every month. Through partnerships with other non-profits and City agencies, the BIA is able to better support Broadmoor residents with wraparound case management services that offer supportive referrals for neighbors in need.

Can I opt-out of paying the parcel fee?

Residents who qualify for an exemption or reduction in their property taxes based on their income or disability status are able to opt-out of paying the Broadmoor parcel fee. Eligible residents can contact the New Orleans Bureau of the Treasury at (888) 387-8027. All other homeowners in Broadmoor are unable to opt-out of the parcel fee. This is an opportunity to give back to your neighborhood and prove that Broadmoor is a neighborhood that cares for one another!

What do renters get out of the BIA? Does the BIA only benefit homeowners?

Renters are eligible for the same services that are provided to homeowners in our community. Everyone regardless of socioeconomic status can participate in services and programs offered by the BIA.

How can I get involved with the BIA in order to make suggestions about how the parcel fee is spent?

- Attend a Broadmoor neighborhood meeting, held every month on the third Monday of the month. Check our News for previous meeting minutes. - Sign up to volunteer at the Broadmoor Food Pantry, helping in our community garden, or participate during our many annual events held throughout the year. Contact us at communications@broadmoorimprovement.com to learn more about volunteer opportunities with the BIA. - Become a Broadmoor Block Captain to advocate for your neighbors and support green infrastructure development in the neighborhood. Email us at communications@broadmoorimprovement.com to learn more. - Join our membership program to offer a class, service, or workshop at the Arts & Wellness Center. - Follow the BIA on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook or sign up for the Broadmoor Beat email newsletter to stay in the know about neighborhood updates and get the word out to your neighbors. - Join the Broadmoor Board of Commissioners to advocate for the needs of your subgroup and become a leader in your community. Email BIA Executive Director Sarah Pritchard at sarahp@broadmoorimprovement.com to learn more about board service.


Jean, Program Participant

The BIA. is a model program because its outreach is immediate and direct and applies to many walks of life for our diverse neighborhood and beyond

Broadmoor Food Pantry Volunteer

What I like here is, people care, it's a warm environment 

BIA Counseling Client

It was such a positive experience:

What I was able to pay, the location, and my therapist were just what I needed.

Kananko, Resident &

Block Captain 

The programs offered by the BIA have helped me stay connected with my neighbors and given me a sense of pride to live in Broadmoor


The BIA is a 501c3 non-profit neighborhood organization, founded in 1930. The BIA serves people who live, work, worship and play in Broadmoor through a coordinated network of anchor institutions, faith-based partners, businesses and community partners. 

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