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The Parcel Fee supports the operations of the BIA. The Parcel Fee is $100 annually received  from all property owners in Broadmoor through property tax collection. The Parcel Fee is used to sustain quality-of-life initiatives and to encourage the beautification and overall benefit of the area bounded by South Claiborne Avenue, Nashville Avenue,

 Fontainebleau Drive, Octavia Street, South Jeff Davis Parkway, Washington Avenue and Toldeano Street. 

Impact of the Parcel Fee

With the help of parcel Fee, the BIA provides strong, consistent, and responsive programming across the community; addressing food insecurity through the Broadmoor Food Pantry, providing affordable mental healthcare and access to social services, fostering community connectivity through monthly neighborhood meetings and other events, and providing space for free and affordable community events, meetings and classes at the Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Center and the Rosa Keller Library Community Center. 

At the BIA, we believe in radical transparency and financial responsibility. We take your investment seriously and, along with an elected board of commissioners from the Broadmoor community, seek to steward the resources allocated to us through the parcel fee in a way that is responsive to community needs and concerns. Review the BIA's 2021 agency budget here.

Your Parcel Fee At Work:

Food Security

Since 2012, the Broadmoor Food Pantry has served over 7,000 households and over 16,000 individuals with emergency food assistance.

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 4.00.52 PM.png

Counseling & Case Management

The Broadmoor Improvement Association provides donation-based and sliding-fee scale counseling services, making mental healthcare accessible to all our neighbors.

From 2016–2020, the BIA increased the total number of counseling hours provided from 850–1,850.

Community Centers & Events

Since 2013, the BIA has hosted over 3,000 community events, classes, and meetings at the Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Center and the Rosa Keller Library Community Center, including:

  • Addiction Recovery Groups

  • Afterschool Activities

  • Arts & Culture Activities

  • Elder Groups

  • Citizenship Classes

  • Computer Classes
  • Cooking Classes

  • Fitness Classes

  • Language Classes

  • Meditation & Mindfulness Groups

Monthly neighborhood meetings provide Broadmoor residents with an opportunity to come together to address issues facing our community and hear from experts in the nonprofit field, City and local government, and business leaders.

Quality of Life & Neighborhood Beautification

Since 2016, BIA staff have advocated to the City on behalf of over 100 Broadmoor residents' quality of life concerns.


In addition to maintaining the Broadmoor Fine Arts & Wellness Trail — and distributing over 7,500 dog waste bags along the trail — the BIA is developing a strategic plan for enhancing access to green space and addressing flooding across the neighborhood. If renewed, the parcel fee will support the development and beautification of green spaces throughout Broadmoor, mitigating the risk of flooding and fostering a more healthy and equitable neighborhood for everyone. 

Thank you for your support!

On November 3, 2020, Broadmoor residents overwhelmingly voted in support of the parcel fee, with 71% of voters approving its renewal for another five years. We look forward to continuing our work with Broadmoor residents to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood, ensuring that Broadmoor remains a neighborhood where all are supported to thrive.



Subgroup B

“The BIA has been great for
our neighborhood, bringing City services to residents where they can get connect with the City through the source of the neighborhood first.”


Desk Ambassador

The BIA is a model program because its outreach is immediate and direct and applies to many walks of life for our diverse neighborhood.


Subgroup C

The parcel fee goes a long way to keeping a strong network of families in our area and helping them have great lives.


BIA Block Captain 

The programs offered by the BIA have helped me stay connected with my neighbors and given me a sense of pride to live in Broadmoor

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