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Broadmoor Business Highlight - Ebony's Beauty Supply

The BIA spoke with Broadmoor business owner John Kang about his store Ebony's Beauty Supply. Located at 3945 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70125 in Broadmoor, Ebony's Beauty Supply provides beauty, cosmetics, and personal care for the community.

What is your name and how long have you been a business owner in Broadmoor?

My name is John Kang. We bought the building from Bohn Ford back in 1998. The location we are in used to house Bohn Ford's Repair Center and Parts Department. 

What's your favorite thing about being a business owner in Broadmoor?

The Broadmoor community has changed so much over the times since we opened for business back in the late '90s. But the one thing that remains consistent over the years is the residents of Broadmoor. The residents have always been so warm and friendly. Every person is quick to say "good morning" or "have a wonderful day" or "how's the family?". The residents of Broadmoor make the day go by so much smoother, that would be the best thing about being a business owner here in Broadmoor.

What was the last big achievement that was celebrated by your business and what upcoming news do you want to share with Broadmoor residents?

Celebrating 20 years in business, but due to the pandemic we canceled some events we lined up over the summer and fall but will try to line some events up next year.

What has the Broadmoor improvement Association done to improve the quality of life for all Broadmoor residents in your opinion? 

Overall improvement of the appearance of the neighborhood. When we first opened up, the city didn't really do much in helping to maintain city property. The grass on the neutral ground was always overgrown and the streets were just a mess, but I have noticed the city regularly cut the grass and actually have the city street sweepers come through to clean the streets as well. But the overall improvement to the appearance of the Broadmoor community.

Visit Ebony's Beauty Supply at their location listed above for more information about their services and hours of operations. Check out their Instagram page "nolaebony" as well by clicking here.

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