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The BIA received Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Engagement Community Impact Grant

The Broadmoor Improvement Association thanks the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Engagement Community Impact Grant for their generous contribution to our rain garden. The BIA sought funding to design, produce, and install educational signage for the Broadmoor rain garden located at 3601 General Taylor St. The BIA received $1,000 to design, produce and install educational signage in the Broadmoor rain garden. This funding allowed us to purchase a custom-built post and panel sign built at The Green Project, weather restraint solar panel lights, labor, installation, and upkeep maintenance of the sign and its solar panel lights.

Since the spring of 2020, the BIA, in collaboration with Broadmoor resident Dr. Jelagat Cheruiyot of Tulane University, has stewarded the Broadmoor Food Forest, Broadmoor Food Pantry Garden, and Broadmoor Rain Garden in order to create more equitable access to green space throughout Broadmoor.

The BIA has engaged Broadmoor residents in volunteer opportunities to support the maintenance of the garden through Happy Hour events, Days of Services, and garden tours. However, many residents remain unaware of the purpose of the rain garden and how it supports water management in their neighborhood. The space is utilized to foster neighborhood cohesion and the overall health and wellness of residents and their neighbors.

The new educational signage explain the garden’s purpose, increasing residents’ understanding of the benefits of having a rain garden in our neighborhood and raises awareness of stormwater management techniques that residents can adopt to mitigate flooding in their own yards. Additionally, the plants grown at the rain garden include many Louisiana native plants. The Incorporated environmental education on the signage foster additional opportunities for collaboration with neighboring schools to engage young people in stewarding the rain garden.

The generous funding provided to the garden will result in more residents engaging with this green space to learn about stormwater management and connect with their neighbors. The funding of this sign will have a lasting impact on our community as it will enhance the accessibility and visibility of the rain garden in the Broadmoor community.

The Broadmoor Improvement Association thanks the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Engagement for the Community Impact Grant and the Green Project for the production of the rain garden sign. Residents are encouraged to engage with the rain garden and check out the new sign for themselves.

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