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Why A Rain Garden? 


Rain Gardens perform many important functions, particularly in flood-prone areas like New Olreans. Rain gardens prevent flooding by capturing water that would usually run into yards and neighboring properties. Plants in the rain garden are native to New Orleans and Louisiana and so are specially equipped to live in our soil and weather conditions. This means they are adapted to soak up all of the rain rather than it collecting in our yards in our homes. These plants also serve to filter stormwater runoff by reducing pollutants in the water before it reaches our municipal waterways. Lastly, because rain gardens are filled with native plants, they provide habitats for our native animals, including birds, bees, and butterflies! 


Broadmoor Rain Garden 

Join our flood mitigation efforts here, this garden has water-loving plants and two bioswales. The Broadmoor Rain Garden has the distinct purpose of capturing rainwater that falls on the site plus additional street runoff to help reduce localized flooding and improve water quality. 

What you will discover:

Seaside Goldenrod 

Solidago sempervirens

This perennial plant produces a tight clump of narrow, evergreen basal leaves topped by leafy, erect or arching, 2-8 ft. stalks. The upper flowering heads are dense, flowers are deep-yellow and the leaves are somewhat succulent. 

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3601 General Taylor St,

New Orleans, LA, 70125

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