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BIA Attends Environmental Funders' Association Winter Briefing in Puerto Rico

Thanks to the generous support of Ford Foundation and Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF), our Wellness Director Bethanie Mangigian participated in a panel discussion at the Environmental Grantmakers Association Winter Briefing, which took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico on February 24-25.

Bethanie joined GNOF, Ford Foundation, and CRH to discuss successes and challenges with longterm non-profit sustainability. As a panelist, she shared Broadmoor's takeaways on community-driven recovery and best practices for sustaining long-term impact by holistically serving community well-being.

We were also able to give back to Puerto Rico's conservation efforts. Bethanie volunteered with others at the conference to support reforestation in the San Juan Nature Reserve post-Hurricane Maria, led by the local non-profit, Para La Naturaleza.

"Broadmoor, like Puerto Rico, is a great example of what is possible when you gather passionate individuals who are relentless about preserving their communities through radical action and collaboration." – Bethanie Mangigian

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