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Broadmoor Business Highlight - New Orleans Shotokan Academy

The BIA spoke with Broadmoor business owner Dimitri Papadopoulos about the operation of the Broadmoor Dojo of New Orleans Shotokan Acadmey. Located in the Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Center at 3900 General Taylor St, New Orleans Shotokan Academy believes in the practice of Martial Arts for the improvement of one's life with the Broadmoor location focusing on teen and adult classes. Open to the local community, all levels of practice are available, appropriate for both beginner and advanced students.

What is your name and how long have you been a business owner in Broadmoor?

Dimitri Papadopoulos. The New Orleans Shotokan Academy has been operating since 2015.

What's your favorite thing about being a business owner in Broadmoor?

I love the people that I am surrounded by at the Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center. From the first day I felt welcome, there is a sense of community, and feeling of wanting to help each other. I could not be more happy.

What was the last big achievement that was celebrated by your business and what upcoming news do you want to share with Broadmoor residents?

We reopened our doors in September, after having been closed since March. This was a great deal of work, and the classes we are offering are much smaller, there is no contact, and we wear masks. This was a big achievement, but on the other hand we unfortunately have had to turn down many families this fall, because all of our classes filled quickly.

What has the Broadmoor improvement Association done to improve the quality of life for all Broadmoor residents in your opinion? 

I have seen a very positive change in the neighborhood. Many homes have been renovated, and this was with the help of BIA. The neighborhood now has a center it can go to to participate in many healthy activities. The sense of community both before and during the pandemic has been one of the most important things for the members of the neighborhood to feel that they belong to something great.

What COVID19 safety precautions has your business taken and what is your class structure during the pandemic?

We opened all five of the large windows we have. This allows for the room to be well ventilated with outside air. We limited the class size to 5 students per instructor, and all participants currently have to wear masks. There is no contact currently in any of our classes and there are tape markings on the floor to keep everyone distant during training. All of these precautions have proven to be very effective, and we will re-evaluate these policies in the spring.

Visit New Orleans Shotokan Academy online for more information about the availability of their classes and hours of operations on their website by clicking here. Check out their social media pages on Instagram @nosakarate and YouTube @NOSAkarate.

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