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Broadmoor Food Pantry Receives Donation from Winn Dixie and Malcolm Jenkins Foundation

On Friday, November 6, the Broadmoor Food Pantry received a donation of over 25,000 pounds of food thanks to a generous donation from Winn Dixie and the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation's Feeding the 504 Initiative. Thanks to the support of our partners at Second Harvest Food Bank, the Broadmoor Food Pantry will help the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation reach its goal of feeding at least 504 New Orleans families in November and December 2020.

Although the Broadmoor Food Pantry is located in Broadmoor, we serve families living in 52 zip codes throughout the greater New Orleans area. We know that our boxes make a huge difference to our guests — nearly a third of whom are children. Given the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, we've seen the number of pantry guests we consistently serve more than double. This additional food allows us to give more abundantly — nearly twice the amount of food our clients typically receive in a month — and we couldn't be more excited.

The BIA would like to extend a special thanks to the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation, Winn Dixie, and a dedicated group of volunteers who helped us to unload the delivery of 3 large trucks to the pantry. As Broadmoor Food Pantry Coordinator Loren Brodie said, "A big thank you to all those that came along. It was a lot of hard work and sweat, but throughout the day the volunteers maintained a positive attitude and smiles on their faces. I think all the volunteers agree once it was all completed it was certainly worth the hard work."

About our partners:

The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation mission is to effectuate positive change in the lives of youth, particularly those in under-served communities. The charity provides resources, innovative opportunities, and experiences that will help youth succeed in life and become contributing members of their communities. Read more about their foundation on their website:

Winn-Dixie is dedicated to supporting the communities they serve and the causes that their customers care about. That is why they work to fight hunger and provide disaster relief in local communities. Read more about their foundation on their website:

Second Harvest Food Bank is considered the largest charitable anti-hunger network in South Louisiana. Their mission is to end hunger by providing food access, advocacy, education, and disaster response .Read more about their foundation on their website:

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