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Broadmoor Neighborhood Meeting Agenda for 11/18

Join us on Monday, November 18th from 7-8pm for the Neighborhood Meeting, free and open to the public. It takes place at Broadmoor Community Church, 2021 S. Dupre St.

Here is the agenda:

7:00 pm: Call to order & welcome from BIA Executive Director Sarah Pritchard

7:05 pm: Presentation from Anne Coglianese, Coastal Resilience Program Manager, City of

New Orleans / Office of Resilience and Sustainability

● Learn about the City of New Orleans’ efforts to restore coastal wetlands and promote

climate change resilience.

7:15 pm: Presentation from Eric Dworkin, Top Box Foods

● Learn about opportunities to access fresh, affordable food in Broadmoor.

7:30 pm: Presentation from Bethanie Mangigian, Broadmoor Improvement Association Lead

Social Worker

● Learn about the Broadmoor community survey, an opportunity to make your voice heard

about issues facing the neighborhood.

7:45 pm: Open forum for community questions and comments

8:00 pm: Meeting adjourns

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