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Broadmoor Neighborhood Meeting Minutes from 1/27

We saw a great turnout for our first neighborhood meeting of 2020! Thanks to all the residents who were able to attend. If you couldn't make it to the meeting, please see the meeting minutes below.

Meeting Minutes

6:30-7:00 pm: Dinner and neighborhood conversation, welcome from BIA Executive Director Sarah Pritchard

  • Newly elected State Representative Aimee Freeman was present to introduce herself to Broadmoor residents.

  • As of March 9, the Representative will have an office on Oak St.

  • Residents can contact Rep. Freeman’s Legislative Assistant Monique Blossom with any concerns:

7:00-7:05 pm: Overview of new meeting structure from Sarah Pritchard

  • Broadmoor meetings will be shifting from bi-monthly to monthly meetings.

  • Meetings will occur every third Monday of the month from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm.

  • Free community dinner will be provided by the local caterer Crazy Waffle Bar, and free childcare will be provided by Crescent City Childcare.

  • Please spread the word to your neighbors and attend each month. The BIA values your input and hopes to make meetings accessible to the entire neighborhood.

7:05-7:20 pm: Results from the 2019 Community Survey presented by BIA Wellness Director Bethanie Mangigian. See the full slideshow presentation available here.

Survey Goals:

  • To better engage Broadmoor residents, better understand their top priorities and acknowledge their main concerns for the issues facing Broadmoor

  • Surveyed about 100 Broadmoor residents, meeting our response goal

  • In terms of who took the survey, the neighborhood’s income level and age demographics accurately represented Broadmoor demographics. Accurate representation of the neighborhood’s racial demographics has yet to be achieved. Residents who have experience in higher education, white residents, and women were overrepresented in terms of survey responses. Looking forward, the BIA hopes to do more outreach to more accurately represent all residents of the neighborhood in future surveys.

Top-line survey results include:

  • 95% of residents connect daily or weekly with their neighbors. 82% agree Broadmoor is a good place to raise children.

  • Survey respondents identified the following as Broadmoor’s greatest strengths:

  1. Location in the center of the city.

  2. The Arts & Wellness Center and other BIA services

  3. The community members themselves, there is an overwhelming sense of pride from neighbors for one another and Broadmoor as a whole.

Top Priorities and Areas of Growth for 2020:

  • Water damage and flood defense are large concerns for residents as the neighborhood is the slowest to drain because of its location in the center bowl of the city.

  • A need for more comprehensive youth and elder programming.

  • We are always looking to improve neighborhood cohesion and hope to enhance outreach to the community from the BIA.

Questions regarding the 2019 community survey:

  • Q: Is it possible for the slides to be posted on the website? A: Yes, the presentation from the neighborhood meeting as well as meeting notes will be posted shortly.

  • Q: How is the BIA and its great programs funded? A: The Parcel fee is a yearly $100 tax in addition to property taxes, paid by every homeowner in the neighborhood. This fee is utilized to manage and maintain the Arts & Wellness Center (AWC), the Arts & Wellness Trail and the neighborhood at large. It is used in addition to grant funding to provide social services and health & wellness programing to elevate the quality of life for residents of Broadmoor. The AWC rents out space to five other non-profit partners who share aligned missions, as well as independent counseling tenets. Individual donations and other typical fund-raising strategies also generate income. The neighborhood voted to utilize the parcel fee this way aiming to improve the vast quality of life for residents rather than spending the money on increasing police controls and surveillance as other neighborhoods chose to do.

  • Q: Is the city taking the lead on maintaining the neutral space of the trail? A: We partner with the Department of Parks and Parkways to share financial responsibility for maintaining the space.

  • Q: What are the plans for the Metamorphosis fundraiser? A: The fundraiser will have a different theme this year and is currently scheduled for May 9th, 2020 at the Rosa Keller Library.

  • Q: How do you attract and engage new homeowners and spread the word of services provided by the BIA? A: The organization strives to maintain an active website, and remain present on social media platforms. This year the BIA will publish two print newsletters that will be mailed out to each household. We always try to have a presence at large public events in an attempt to establish a more physical and visible presence. We would love for community members to engage with us and create a Welcome Committee.

  • Q: What is your plan for getting more people to attend meetings? A: We hope to install permanent postings along the Arts & Wellness trail as well as advertising through the upcoming print newsletter.

7:20-7:40 pm: Presentation of the BIA’s 2020 vision and ways for residents to get involved from Sarah Pritchard

  • Neighborhood meetings are being restructured to be more welcoming and accessible. It is our hope that meetings will become a vibrant hub that residents want to come to and collaborate around ideas and solutions to issues raised.

  • Moving forward, every meeting will have a theme that will focus around one particular issue from the 2019 survey. We hope to hear from experts, the city, and non-profit related organizations to provide new information for residents in creating solutions.

  • We encourage your involvement! We need your energy, talent, and creativity in growing our neighborhood. There are multiple avenues to get involved:

  1. Become a Block Captain: email

  2. Join the Board: email

  3. Volunteer: many of our programs need your passion and involvement; email

7:40-7:50 pm: Reporting quality of life concerns and 3-1-1 from Bethanie Mangigian

  • In order for the BIA to advocate on your behalf, residents should first file a complaint to 311. Once residents have a case number, contact us so that we can advocate on your behalf to the City.

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