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Broadmoor Neighborhood Meeting Notes — March 16, 2020

Health Recommendations from Dr. Ashley Morgan, BIA Board Member:

  • Social distancing = 6 ft apart from others to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Most common symptoms of COVID19/ Cornoavirus are fever and shortness of breath

  • The virus is very mild in children, most will only have 24 hour fever

  • COVID-19 is spreading exponentially due to people spending time in groups

  • New restrictions are being put in place to combat spread

  • Need to combat spread because people who are at a higher risk (including people over the age of 60 and those with compromised immune systems) are going to be hard hit and may need ventilators.

  • If we exceed ICU capacity, we will be in a crisis.

  • Best thing to do is stay home, slow the spread of the virus, allow people who are sick to get care

  • If you're sick, stay home

  • Only go to hospital if short of breath, can't eat or drink, dehydration, chest pain, altered mental status, or high fever that won’t come down.

  • Drive up testing will be coming over next week, but will be prioritized for those exhibiting symptoms and those who are at most risk.

  • As of today: 95 positive cases in Orleans Parish, 3 have died.

General COVID Information from Justin Boone, BIA Board Member and Advance Team Lead, Mayor’s Office, City of New Orleans:

  • At this moment the situation is extremely fluid and may change quickly. Stay tuned to legitimate sources, including from the City of New Orleans and healthcare providers.

  • If you are experiencing symptoms, Orleans parish residents can call 2-1-1 for information on what to do.

  • If you need support connecting with social services, or you would like to report an unauthorized large gathering, call 3-1-1.

  • NOPD will be dispatched to disperse crowds. Critical to stay in small numbers to prevent spread. It’s about saving lives

  • BIA number: (504) 249-5130. Leave a voicemail and BIA staff will follow up with you.

  • Broadmoor Food Pantry is open Monday 10-12 and Wednesay 1-3 at 2021 S. Dupre St. (Broadmoor Community Church). Bring ID, proof of income and proof of residence.

  • If interested in volunteering, come 9AM Monday and/or 12PM Wednesday. Please only volunteer if you are healthy

  • Money donations are also accepted and appreciated for emergency response supplies

  • All New Orleans Public Schools feeding locations are providing breakfast and lunch for children 18 younger or older 18 if enrolled in a public school:

  • City updates:

  • Mayor signed proclamation going into effect tomorrow 6am

  • Closure of all bars, nightclubs, casinos. (Bars close 12AM tonight)

  • Restaurants are to serve takeout, delivery, and drive through only.

  • All movie theaters and malls are closed, not strip malls. Individual stores can manage crowds in and out.

  • Gyms and health clubs are closed

  • High intensity frequently touched spaces to close on a case by case basis. Business owners should call 311 with any questions.

  • Limit public and private gatherings immediately.

  • Family units can stay together if living in the same house, but family from outside home should not come over.

  • For up to date info from the City of New Orleans text COVIDNOLA to 888777. for information on homelessness, businesses, and unemployment info

  • City hall operations: City Hall is still open but limited people allowed in at any given time. Call before coming in because there is a good chance they can help you over the phone. Enter through front, temp will be checked. If EMS decide your temp is too high, you will be asked to go home to self quarantine. Same thing for employees. Safety and permits- best number is (504) 658-7125.

  • All New Orleans public library locations are closed to public. Rosa Keller Library closed effective immediately.

  • Mayor Cantrell and Governor Edwards are working on a national level to provide wifi for entire state and country.

  • Cox is a local organization that has agreed to open up service. Hotspots will be open in city. More information coming soon

  • Sewerage & Water Board and Entergy have suspended shutoffs for the duration of the state of emergency.

  • Schools are closed at least through April 13.

  • At that time schools will not automatically reopen. Situation will be assessed about a week before to determine if schools can reopen. Potential for longer closures.

  • Transit- RTA only to be used for essential travel. Essential travel includes work, health care, nutrition, and pharmacy. If travel is not essential, RTA workers have the right to deny service

  • Municipal and Traffic courts closed, Civil District court closed, First and Second court closed

  • Sheriff's office is not transporting inmates to and from court in order to reduce the spread of the virus to incarcerated people.

  • Unemployment: Register now if you are laid off or if your hours have been reduced as a result of the crisis: Best way to make sure that once the federal government passes a bill to expand benefits, you have access to unemployment benefits

  • Conference call update with Mayor and Office of Neighborhood Engagement: Wednesday, March 18 at 12 PM. Dial in number: 4254366338, Access code: 628041

Sarah Pritchard, BIA Executive Director:

  • Returning from maternity leave as of today.

  • Broadmoor has history of coming together as community in times of crisis and emergency.

  • Over the next few days, we will be collecting information on all resources we’re aware of and distributing via email newsletter and social media.

  • Lines of communication will remain open and updated. BIA can be a reliable source for information.

  • Pantry will remain open during normal hours.

  • Google Form to Collect info from Broadmoor residents on what you need, preparing for event of illness and also reality of needing to stay inside for long periods.

  • If you have resources you can offer, including sharing extra supplies, delivering groceries to neighbors, volunteering at pantry, contributing money to support BIA recovery and response efforts.

  • Form will allow you to indicate resources you can share so we can compile info and leverage people to meet needs of neighbors.

  • Link to form here:

  • BIA counseling will continue and be conducted virtually via telehealth. Email for more information

  • Case management services- full time social worker and part time interns who can help. If you have a need and not sure how to find those resources we can connect you with resources across the city. Best way to access is to email wellness@broadmoorimprovement.coml or call BIA office at (504) 249-5130

  • Will be creating case management specific phone numbers to call. Announcing number later this week on website, social media, and calling office directly.

  • Subscribe to BIA newsletter by going to website, check out social media, or give us a call.

  • Specifically need: Donations of wipes, hand sanitizer, soap, cleaning supplies

Census 2020 update from Justine Boone:

  • Mandated by the Constitution

  • Every 10 years every person (not citizen) is accounted for.

  • Federal funding decided and districts for congress drawn from the Census results.

  • Back in 2010, not an accurate count because New Orleans residents were displaced due to Katrina. New Orleans potentially lost millions of dollars in federal assistance.

  • Streets, public services, social services funding levels are decided through the census

  • Go to to fill out information, including who lives in household.

  • Community outreach will happen in May potentially. 5-10 minutes. Each person counted could potentially be $2k funding to local government to provide services.

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