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Broadmoor Neighborhood Meeting Notes — September 21, 2020

Thanks to all the residents who were able to attend our September Neighborhood meeting discussing Workforce & Business Development improving access to green spaces within our community, the Parcel Fee and other issues important to Broadmoor residents. Assistant Attorney General with the Department of Justice Elroy James and Loyola Law Professor and Public Defender Steve Singer spoke about their individual campaigns in this upcoming election. The Broadmoor Improvement Association is committed to all Broadmoor residents and welcomes the presence of each other at our monthly meeting. If you could not make it to the September meeting, click here to review the notes.

The next neighborhood-wide meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 19th. This meeting will be a socially-distanced opportunity to meet neighbors and learn more about what the BIA is doing in the neighborhood. Weather permitting, the meeting will be held outside on the lawn of the Rosa Keller Library.

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