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The Broadmoor Improvement Association alongside Billie Golan was very thrilled to host the first Repair Cafe in Louisiana on Friday, July 22, 2022 at our center. Repair Cafe was a community event where locals brought in their "broken but beloved items" to get fixed by other locals who are "Repair Coaches". Residents were able to sit in community with repair coaches and learn the art of Repair.

Repair coaches were there to fix the following:

- a chair

- shirts/skirt/dress/backpack

- a necklace and ring

- laptops

- headphones

The BIA extends a thank you to local organizations and businesses such as Ric Rack Nola who served as a Repair Coach at this inaugural event. A special thanks Blue Dot Donuts, Bean Gallery Coffee, and Ace Hotel New Orleans for providing this event with generous donations of delicious pastries and coffee.

If you would like to become a repair coach or bring an item in for repair, please email to participate in the next Repair Cafe.

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Saw in The Advocate, public can bring in broken but beloved items on 7/17. I would love to bring in my broken figurine candlestick. Tried glue but does not hold. Think maybe a screw could keep it in place but I don't know how to do it.

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