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Highlights from July Neighborhood Meeting & Racial Justice Summit

Thanks to all the residents who were able to attend our July Neighborhood meeting discussing the BIA response to coronavirus pandemic. The Broadmoor Improvement Association is committed to all Broadmoor residents and welcomes the presence of each other at our monthly meeting. If you could not make it to the July meeting, click here to review the notes.

The Racial Justice Summit was a half-day summit that grounded participants in the lived realities of race in our bodies, facilitated deeper conversation about our neighborhood's history with racism, and generated an action plan to learn from other models for community care that take steps toward eliminating police presence and ultimately creating community healing for all residents.The summit’s speakers were James E. Brinson, Ernest Johnson, Jenna Losh,  and Nana Sula. It included a meditative practice, grounded in shared definitions of racism, information about our country, city, and neighborhood history, and explored action steps for Broadmoor’s wellbeing. Nana Sula closed with an empowering  interactive ancestral healing session. The Racial Justice Summit was a great first step toward demanding Racial Justice and supporting equity in our neighborhood. The summit helped to affirm our mission of serving people who live, learn, work, worship and play in Broadmoor.

*Compiled as of July 2020 by the Broadmoor Improvement Association*

As part of the resources shared with Summit participants, the BIA compiled this resource list of mutual aid projects in New Orleans. This is a list of community-based groups working together for neighbor-to-neighbor support and collective liberation.

Thanks to all who participated in the Summit and shared so generously about your experiences! If you weren’t able to join the racial justice summit and want to be involved in continued conversations about building racial justice in Broadmoor, email

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