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Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Broadmoor residents in support of the Broadmoor parcel fee

The Broadmoor parcel fee has been a vital resource to the operations of the Broadmoor Improvement Association. This November, residents of our great community have the opportunity to renew the Parcel Fee and continue to build a better Broadmoor. Learn more about the parcel fee here.

The parcel fee is $100 annually received from all property owners in Broadmoor through property tax collection. The Parcel Fee is used to sustain quality-of-life initiatives and to encourage the beautification and overall benefit of the area.

The BIA spoke with Delores P. a longtime Homeowner in Broadmoor about why she voted yes for the Broadmoor Parcel Fee. Delores P. is a frequent participant in the Broadmoor food pantry and loves living in the Broadmoor community as a retiree.

What is your name and how long have you been a Broadmoor Resident?

Delores P. is my name. I have been a resident and homeowner of Broadmoor for more than twenty years.

What is your favorite activity in Broadmoor?

My favorite activity in Broadmoor is taking a walk on the Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Trail. It is a peaceful place to walk during the day. I love Broadmoor and how it has been developing over the years with the addition of the walking trail and community programs.

What can the Broadmoor improvement Association do to continue to improve the quality of life for all Broadmoor residents in your opinion? 

The BIA has been a great organization to me because I use the food pantry and appreciate the food that is given. It is very thoughtful and I can tell the BIA cares about our community. I appreciate how you guys reach out to residents in the neighborhood.

Why do you support the Parcel Fee?

I voted yes for the Parcel Fee because as a homeowner in Broadmoor, I like how the BIA cares for all residents with your programs like the food pantry. I would like the parcel fee to continue.

The BIA encourages all residents to exercise their right to vote. Get out and vote today!

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