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Thank you Broadmoor Residents!

The BIA is humbled by the renewal of the Parcel Fee this week. We really appreciate the support of all Broadmoor residents. The BIA knows this is an unprecedented time for us all due to COVID19. Despite having to live in the new normal of social distancing, our neighborhood has stayed strong and connected. The BIA as an organization has worked tirelessly during this pandemic to continue to provide assistance to all residents. The BIA has provided support through counseling, the Broadmoor Food Pantry, social services and more. The BIA has kept neighbors informed with our bi-weekly newsletter and monthly neighborhood meetings. For the past five years, the BIA has been building credibility and trust within our neighborhood. We were pleased to learn that the parcel fee passed by 71%!

71% is a higher margin of support than the parcel fee has ever enjoyed in the past. In 2010, the parcel fee passed by 69% and in 2015 it passed by 56%. The Parcel Fee is used to sustain quality-of-life initiatives and to encourage the beautification and overall benefit of the area. The renewal of the Parcel Fee allows us to move forward with full confidence that our work is supported by the neighborhood.

For the November neighborhood meeting on Monday, November 16, we will have a celebration of the parcel fee renewal and a community visioning conversation about the next five years of our work. We hope many of you can join us for this conversation.

The next neighborhood-wide meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 16th. This meeting will be a socially-distanced opportunity to meet neighbors and learn more about what the BIA is doing in the neighborhood. Weather permitting, the meeting will be held outside on the lawn of the Rosa Keller Library.

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