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The Broadmoor Parcel Fee on the Ballot

Will you stand with Broadmoor in November?

On November 3rd, Broadmoor residents have the chance to stand up for community health and resilience by voting to renew the Broadmoor parcel fee. First approved in 2010, the parcel fee supports the Broadmoor Improvement Association in producing vital programs and services that promote the overall health and wellness and improve quality of life for all Broadmoor residents.

The BIA is a proven leader in community-based development and disaster response. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the BIA has consistently shown up for residents during this time of uncertainty by providing much-needed groceries and prepared meal deliveries, virtual case management to support residents getting access to SNAP and other benefits, text-based messaging to alert Broadmoorians of the most up-to-date public health information and resources, and so much more. 

If the parcel fee is approved, the BIA will continue to uplift the Broadmoor neighborhood through improvements to the neighborhood's infrastructure that prevent flooding and increase access to green spaces across the neighborhood. With your support, the BiA will move forward with developments in our neighborhood that are directly informed and led by residents' concerns. Learn more about how the Broadmoor parcel fee supports the neighborhood (link to parcel fee page).

Over the next few weeks, we'll be highlighting Broadmoor residents who support the BIA. Stay tuned for more from your neighbors and check out this video from Jay Boyd, member of the BIA's Board of Commissioners and Broadmoor resident from Subgroup B.

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