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Welcoming the BIA's new Food Pantry Coordinator

As of September 2020, the BIA welcomed Loren Brodie as the new Broadmoor Food Panty Coordinator. Loren has been involved with the BIA's Broadmoor Food Pantry as a dedicated volunteer before stepping into her new position. See below to learn more about Loren and please join us in welcoming her to the BIA team!

What is your name?

Hi everyone! My Name is Loren Brodie, and I'm excited to be the Broadmoor Food Pantry Coordinator.

How long have you been in Broadmoor?

Unfortunately, I live just outside the Broadmoor area and am a recent New Orleans transplant. Therefore, I'm still getting to know the City and all it has to offer, but I am fortunate to have got to know so many wonderful Broadmoor residents. 

What activities do you like to do in Broadmoor outside of work?

One of my favorite activities within Broadmoor is to spend quality time walking my pup along the Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Trail, and then potentially rewarding myself for all that exercise with a trip to City Donuts!


What interested you in working for the Broadmoor Improvement Association?

I began volunteering at the Broadmoor Food Pantry as a way to do my bit during the Covid-19 pandemic. I met numerous great people, both patrons and volunteers, and quickly my time at the pantry became the focus and highlight of my week. When the opportunity arose to take on more responsibility at the Pantry and to learn more about the Broadmoor Improvement Association as a whole, it was an opportunity that I couldn't jump at quick enough. I've always wanted to work for a company that really cares for its employees and aims to benefit and better the society and neighborhood it resides in. 

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